Making Miniatures

Enfilade Figures is making miniatures since 2013. It all began with a simple idea: If I can paint miniatures, I sure can sculpt miniatures as well. I ordered a container of putty, grabbed some floral wire and cork and set out to create my first miniature. I showed the results online and people encouraged me to keep going, so I kept practicing. It did not take long until I was getting enquiries if my minis were available for purchase - so I made contact with a casting service, gave myself a budget to spend on this venture and had my first miniatures cast. I set up a webshop and kept sculpting and releasing more figures.

With time, the miniatures got better. And sculpting became even more fun as I learned new tricks and discovered new materials.

Sculpting Commissions

You want your own miniatures made to your specifications? I will create them!
I am taking commissions for miniatures from 6mm to 32mm scale.

Prices and delivery times vary depending on scale, complexity, available time and other considerations. Please get in touch so we can discuss your project.

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Here are some examples of my work:

Churchill in 1/72

This miniature of Winston Churchill was commissioned in 2020. It was quite a challenge to get the face right.

Sardinian Grenadiers in 1/72

Part of a set of 10 Figures of Sardinien Guards Grenadiers of 1848. I sculpted these in 2020.

Rat Warrior in 28mm

A single character figure to complement a set of miniatures from a board game, sculpted in 2020/2021.

Space Pirate
Space Pirate in 28mm (WIP)

Part of a private project of several Space Pirates for Stargrave. Work in Progress